As I wrote in a blogpost the other day, me and my boyfriend are kind of hooked on making our own squeezed pouches and I promised to share some recipes with you so here I´ll give it a try…

As a base in our food mixes we use millet flakes because they are very rich in iron. This is good especially if you are still breastfeeding a lot, as the milk does not contain enough of iron to cover an older baby´s need. The millet flakes are very easy to work with, you cook them with water for two minutes and they are done. The proportion should be ⅓ millet flakes and ⅔ water. I always do a food mix that can fill up enough squeeze pouches for two or three days need.

My boyfriend, who is the super healthy one of us, steam cook a carrot and a beetroot and then he mixes them with the cooked millet flakes and that’s it! Unbelievable enough our both kids eat this mix with joy. Sometimes he puts grinded nuts in the mix as well and sometimes a mashed avocado.

If you are not as lucky with your kids urge for healthy mixes as we are, you can try my version out. I mix the millet porridge with a mashed banana and half a grinded apple. Sometimes, to prevent constipation, I replace one of the fruits with a spoon of raisins that are mixed thoroughly. The trick to succeed when you mix raisins is to add a little bit of oil in the raisins before you start to mix them. Try to make your millet-and-fruit-mix less sweet than you would think you have to. Maybe, if your kids are suspicious, you can start out with really fruity ones and then little by little cut down on the fruits. A last tip from me is to add a little bit of grinded ginger to the mix during wintertime to help prevent that your kids catch a cold.