Have you not bought your christmas gifts yet? It is running late, but if you order them now you can still get them home before christmas. If you need any tips on what to buy to a baby or toddler I have put together a list of gift ideas. I have made it as varying as possible in price and type of gifts so I hope you will find something that suits you.


1. Bathrobe

Both kids and parents will appreciate this gift. Perfect for after bath, you just put this shark towel bathrobe on and the kid can run around and self dry. I love it for my kids at summer outdoors and at winter indoors.

2. Walking cart toy

Learn to walk with this funny push toy dog that’s made out of solid wood. My kids are both walking but not a day goes by without them playing with their wagon. They fill it with toys and go racing with it or they put their dolls in it and go on walks with them.

3. Honey stick beeswax crayons

This is a perfect gift for a little baby as little babies loves to taste everything, even their crayons. I couldn’t do without my beeswax crayons as my older daughter likes to draw and the little one wants to participate, only that she paints a little and chews a lot.

4. Piano

From the age that babies start to reach for things this piano is great, my kids has loved their piano from the very beginning. This is a good way to introduce music playing to children. From a very early age they get a sense of tones and how music is made. And it is so cute, made out of wood and shaped like a real piano!

5. Latches activity board

This play board challenges small kids to figure out how the latches work. Behind the doors and windows are animals to look at. This toy helps build fine and gross motor skills. My one-year-old child spends a lot of time trying to figure out how to unlock and lock the shutters.

Do you have a great idea you want to tell us about? Or do you have experiences with the stuff above? Please leave a comment below!