About Healthy Whale

Taking on big questions about healthy child rearing

What we are

In a very hands-on, practical way, we want to share our best tips with you, we focus on things that can make life easier for parents. Our approach to the parenthood subject is non-judgemental. We tend to have an interest in things associated with close parenting such as baby led weaning, early toilet training, and baby sign language, but we don’t think that those methods are the only way to go, they are just idéas amongst others that has helped us in our parenting.

Except for all the parenting tips we will give you, we will also share our passion for furnishing with you by showing you all the things we find irresistible.

Who we are




I have worked a lot in the radio field, mainly behind the scenes as producer and project manager. I am passionate about everything I do so since my children were born I have been obsessed with everything about kids.

I have read books, listened to pods, googled and talked with other parents for hours and hours and all of this has been such a big help for me in my own parenting that I would like to share all the good stuff that I have learned. If some of it could make life easier for you it would be fantastic!

I do also love furnishing and have a really weak spot for children’s room, I could spend all my money on it if I don’t watch myself carefully. So naturally I will share some furnishing tips with you as well.




An author of children’s books, graphic designer, devourer of audiobooks and creator of apps for kids.

I love how people can come up with things and ideas to make our life easier and better and let us focus on the good things in life, rather than tedious, boring stuff.

Let me give you some tips on stuff and ideas I’ve found to help refine life.