Month: December 2016

5 ways to solve storage issues with kids

Before my first daughter was born I was kind of hysteric about changing tables, baby nests and baby carriers. Getting stuff, rather than thinking about storage. So when my baby finally arrived everything was organized into perfection. But after a week or two it was all messy again. We had nowhere to put all the countless gifts she had gotten so we had to reorganize and make room for that. And then she grew and the house was filled with new stuff. And we had to reorganize to get space for that. And so on until today. The principal...

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Driving with small children – five tips on how to make it work super smooth

Some children enjoy car rides and could sit happily in their chairs seemingly forever. If you are not as lucky with your little one you are not alone. Here I will share my best five tips on how to drive with small children – without them driving you crazy. 1. Breastfeed while seated Since I found out that it was possible to breastfeed my little baby while she was still in her car seat everything got so much easier. I bend over her car seat in a very gymnastic position but it is possible to have the seat belt...

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