Some children enjoy car rides and could sit happily in their chairs seemingly forever. If you are not as lucky with your little one you are not alone. Here I will share my best five tips on how to drive with small children – without them driving you crazy.

1. Breastfeed while seated

Since I found out that it was possible to breastfeed my little baby while she was still in her car seat everything got so much easier. I bend over her car seat in a very gymnastic position but it is possible to have the seat belt on while doing it. It is not exactly a comfortable position to breastfeed in, but it really works.

2. Entertainment!

I use to scan the house for things my baby has never held in her hands and bring them to the car. Then I hand her the things one by one and let her investigate every item as long as possible. I also use to show her Teletubbies on my phone. I am not a proponent of early usage of television and I am not especially fond of Teletubbies either, but when it comes to driving I just go with everything that works.

3. Drive at night

If we are going long distance we take off right before bedtime. We brush teeth and put pajamas on in beforehand. So the children sleep peacefully all the way and me and my boyfriend get a chance to talk uninterrupted for once.

4. A good car seat

As soon as our baby started to use a toddler seat it became difficult for her to sleep in the car because her head fell forward as soon as she fell asleep. It really helped us when we invested in a car seat that easily could recline into sleeping position. Another advantage of this car seat was that the position of the seat was higher up so our toddler could see outside properly which made her a lot happier.

5. Storage

It is a detail, but I would really recommend a car organizer. You can store pacifiers, snacks, water bottles, baby wipes and everything else you need to have on a trip there and you can find it easily when you need it. It is also great because you can leave things there that you will need next time you drive so you don’t need to pack everything again. When kids get older they can store their own stuff in the organizer which use to be very popular.

Great Storage

What you need is pockets to stuff full of stuff to fiddle with!

Great Seat

Comfortable seating with space to grow.