Month: November 2016

Recipes for homemade squeeze pouches

As I wrote in a blogpost the other day, me and my boyfriend are kind of hooked on making our own squeezed pouches and I promised to share some recipes with you so here I´ll give it a try… As a base in our food mixes we use millet flakes because they are very rich in iron. This is good especially if you are still breastfeeding a lot, as the milk does not contain enough of iron to cover an older baby´s need. The millet flakes are very easy to work with, you cook them with water for two...

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The importance of a bed lamp

One of the top ten things I would recommend new parents to get hold of is a lamp with soft night light, one that could be lit in the middle of the night without disturbing anyone. Luckily I had such a lamp before my first kid was born and I don’t know just all the trouble it has saved us in terms of babies being able to go on sleeping and parents who could open their eyes in the middle of the night without having to squint in pain. One thing is for sure if you’re having a baby....

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5 great christmas gifts for babies and toddlers – last minute shopping

Have you not bought your christmas gifts yet? It is running late, but if you order them now you can still get them home before christmas. If you need any tips on what to buy to a baby or toddler I have put together a list of gift ideas. I have made it as varying as possible in price and type of gifts so I hope you will find something that suits you.   1. Bathrobe Both kids and parents will appreciate this gift. Perfect for after bath, you just put this shark towel bathrobe on and the kid...

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