Month: April 2017

Make your own squeeze pouches

From the moment our kids started to eat food we were absolutely dependent on those squeeze pouches filled with yummy fruits that are sold in every food store. We loved them because our kids loved them and because they were so easy to handle. No spilling! We realised that with all this squeezed fruits in them they were probably quite sugary, but we didn’t bother that much until the dentist told us that one a day was an absolute maximum. A quick tip! For some good ideas smoothies, check out this related blog post over Positive Health Wellness called“How...

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10 Tips on how to easily brush your toddlers teeth

Brushing your toddlers teeth might be a nightmare if the kids doesn’t want to and just clamps those jaws shut, you yelling and everyone crying. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me give you some advice, as the creator of Brush My Teeth – an app that helps parents brush their kids teeth (available for iPhone and iPad as well as Android) . I think a lot about how to make brushing time an easier experience for kids and parents alike. These are a few hacks I’ve been using to have my toddlers and later on...

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