Author: Ola

Increase the kids screen time – now!

“Screen time” is the word of the decade when it comes to parenting. How should it be limited, in order to get your kids into adulthood in one working piece? Oh but might there be more to it than just that, screen time? Let’s get down and dirty with screen time! So I gather you’ve heard about screen time and that it should be limited, lest your kids will turn into psychotic junkies, addicted to the digital equivalent of heroin. Why is that, you might say. Well, according to the modern version of people shouting about video violence in...

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Why you should let your kids run off

I don’t like to play in playgrounds. Well, actually I do but not ALL the time, only when I want to. I don’t want it to be an automatic expectation that I’m going to be playing just because we go to a playground. I don’t want my kids to rely on me to be able to play themselves. In my opinion, kids should be able to play by themselves even if there are no parents or mates around. So you want kids to be bored and lonely? No! I didn’t say that. Well, actually I think boredom is a great mother of inventions. Kids...

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10 Tips on how to easily brush your toddlers teeth

Brushing your toddlers teeth might be a nightmare if the kids doesn’t want to and just clamps those jaws shut, you yelling and everyone crying. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me give you some advice, as the creator of Brush My Teeth – an app that helps parents brush their kids teeth (available for iPhone and iPad as well as Android) . I think a lot about how to make brushing time an easier experience for kids and parents alike. These are a few hacks I’ve been using to have my toddlers and later on...

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5 great inventions for parents

The first couple of years with kids can be, let say, a bit taxing at best. It’s all about trying to find out how to grow kids in the best way, without losing your mind in the process. Here’s a list of awesome things that’ll help you get some peace of mind in rough situations. 1. Fever Problem: You suspect your kid has a fever, but for some reason doesn’t understand it’s for its own best benefit to clamp down on that adult thermometer for the 10-30 secs needed to get a reading. Solution: This Geniusly Combined Thermometer / Pacifier from...

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