The first couple of years with kids can be, let say, a bit taxing at best. It’s all about trying to find out how to grow kids in the best way, without losing your mind in the process.

Here’s a list of awesome things that’ll help you get some peace of mind in rough situations.

1. Fever

Problem: You suspect your kid has a fever, but for some reason doesn’t understand it’s for its own best benefit to clamp down on that adult thermometer for the 10-30 secs needed to get a reading.

Solution: This Geniusly Combined Thermometer / Pacifier from Summer will have your kid measured and ready in no time!

2. Eating out

Problem: You’ve had enough of sitting at home eating your lousy macs & cheese, it’s time to go to a resturant. But, what if the resturant, God forbi, don’t have highchairs? Or maybe the couple next to your table got the last one available? You’d be dining with kids in the lap – cozy but also sub optimal.

Solution: Don’t fret. Just slap the Chicco Caddy – foldable, multi functional highchair into the boot or the diper bag and you’re ready to go! It’s easy to bring along and fits to almost any table. Oh and it’s great to have at home if you get guests with kids!

3. Dirty Hands

Problem: Kids with dirty hands and no intention of washing them. Well, that’s just how it works and it doesn’t help that their arms are too short reach the water.

Solution: Just extend the fawset with this magnificently simple solution and The Aqueduck Faucet Extender will meet the kid halfway there.

4. Bad Bottle Grip

Problem: This is the main problem for most people in their daily life. Well alright, it’s not, but for some kids this can be a frustration. The baby tries to learn how to eat from the bottle, be it formula or mothers best draught, just to drop the bottle time and again due to their small cute hands.

Solution: This nifty little bottle sock is called Ba Baby Botte Holder and will, with its clever lose mesh design give small human hands easy grip of the otherwise pretty hard grasped tubular bottle.

5. Dirty Pacifiers

Problem: Pacifiers are made out of a material that seems to draw dust and grit to it and if dropped, you as a parent will have the pleasure to solve the problem before your kid goes into a fit. This means finding a napkin, faucet or the worst case scenario, where you have to suck the pacifier clean.

Solution: Check out the Razbaby Self Closing Pacifier – if dropped, as the name hints of, the pacifiers lid will clamp shut protecting the knob from any foul debis on the ground.

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