Month: January 2017

Hanna’s decorating project – Tea party furniture

Christmas was a great excuse for me to buy stuff to the children that I really wanted. The main gift was this cute little furniture group that fits very well into my vision of a nicely designed home. A big plus I must say, was that the kids loved it! They got a tea set along with it and they have thrown endless tea parties around this table ever since. The table I bought second hand so I cannot link to it. However, I link to another, completely different looking table that I have been sneaking peaks at for...

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Hanna’s decorating project – Things around here are about to change

I am very interested in interior decoration. Too bad you can’t really see a hint of that in our home. But that is about to change! When we moved in where we live now I was pregnant with my second child so we just focused on getting everything in place before she arrived. No time for painting or designing. And after she was born we have had a handful, it has all been about keeping our heads above the water. So now, when the little one is 1.5 years old, energy is slowly returning to me and the first...

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Attachment parenting – heaven or hell?

When I was expecting my first child a friend of mine introduced me to the thoughts of attachment parenting (AP) and then I got hooked and started to read everything about the subject. One thing that stroked me was that everybody seemed to have such a strong opinion about it. While some parents claimed that AP had ruined their life, others praised it as if it was a religion.  Basically, AP is about being responsive to the child’s needs, in a child-centered rather than parent-centered way, and that often includes co-sleeping, feeding on demand, a lot of body contact...

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