From the moment our kids started to eat food we were absolutely dependent on those squeeze pouches filled with yummy fruits that are sold in every food store. We loved them because our kids loved them and because they were so easy to handle. No spilling!

We realised that with all this squeezed fruits in them they were probably quite sugary, but we didn’t bother that much until the dentist told us that one a day was an absolute maximum.

I started to read and learn more about sugar in juices and smoothies and realised that there’s quite a deal of sugar in an ordinary squeeze pouch. Here is an interesting article on sugar in smoothies:

So I decided that I wanted to make my own more healthy squeeze pouches and I ordered home some refillable ones on the internet. After that me and my boyfriend got all enthusiastic about it and started to experiment with all kind of ingredients and recipes. Although our own squeeze pouches are very healthy, and not nearly so fruity as the ones we used to buy, the kids still love them. And we have saved a lot of money! If you are interested in some of our recipes, hang on, I will write them down and put them on the blog in one of the days to come.

50 pack of really simple reusable squeeze puches. Not the best quality but good. Bonus that the seal is in the top!
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6 cute pouches in a more classic design and a but more durable material. Goes for 14.99 over at Amazon

Marketed as a more durable squeeze pouch with a longer life time. Just wash it and reuse for ever and ever!
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