Author: Hanna

5 great christmas gifts for babies and toddlers – last minute shopping

Have you not bought your christmas gifts yet? It is running late, but if you order them now you can still get them home before christmas. If you need any tips on what to buy to a baby or toddler I have put together a list of gift ideas. I have made it as varying as possible in price and type of gifts so I hope you will find something that suits you.   1. Bathrobe Both kids and parents will appreciate this gift. Perfect for after bath, you just put this shark towel bathrobe on and the kid...

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5 steps to get great sleep – even if you got kids in your bed!

Co-sleeping, sleep-sharing, the family bed: Whatever you call it, it means regularly sharing a bed with your child instead of sleeping separately.   1. Get yourself a really big bed. Even if you are not co-sleeping with your kids it is very likely that they will come to your bed at times. Make it possible for you to sleep even when your kids are in the bed with you! When our second child was born we got ourselves a giant family bed and I cannot count the times I have praised it. Our bed that is nearly three meters...

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