I am very interested in interior decoration. Too bad you can’t really see a hint of that in our home. But that is about to change!

When we moved in where we live now I was pregnant with my second child so we just focused on getting everything in place before she arrived. No time for painting or designing. And after she was born we have had a handful, it has all been about keeping our heads above the water.

My apartment, pre-decoration bonanza.

So now, when the little one is 1.5 years old, energy is slowly returning to me and the first thing that happens is that I want to fix the whole apartment. If I just had all the money and time in the world! (Lucky for natural resources I don´t)

Beanbag and scraped up wallpaper. Lovely.

But, I will, slowly, step-by-step, start to change things around here. It will probably take long, but one day, I promise, this apartment will shine!

So, this is what I am about to do: I am going to start with our living room, or more specifically, with the wall you see in these pictures. I am going to buy this fantastic wallpaper. We can’t really afford it, but what the hell, food is not that important! I just have to convince my boyfriend and two little kids to cut down on the food for a few months 🙂