1. I’m the only one who does it

In fact when you ask around it often shows that a lot of people share a bed with their children. Maybe they didn’t plan to do so from the beginning but their children insisted and they were sensitive to their needs. Ethnographic studies reveal that many parents never really make a firm decision about where their baby will sleep; nevertheless, sleep happens, and sometimes the children end up in their parent’s bed.

  1. It is impossible to get some sleep if you share bed with children

You could actually often get better sleep if you sleep together. To share bed helps babies fall asleep more easily and go back to sleep more quickly when they wake up during the night and therefore leads to more nighttime sleep overall for parents and babies. You also save a whole lot of sleep by not having to get up and go to another room where your child sleeps, every time it awakes.

  1. Co-sleeping children don’t learn to grow independent

It is quite the opposite. Studies show that co-sleeping children often grow more  independent and less fearful than their non-co-sleeping counterparts. Here you can read more about a subject. (page 41) https://cosleeping.nd.edu/assets/31970/mckenna_why_babies_should_n.pdf

  1. It is unnatural to sleep with your children

In the Western world, co-sleeping isn’t exactly the norm. We tend to sleep our babies in cribs, in a separate nursery. But for the overwhelming majority of mothers and babies around the globe today, cosleeping is an unquestioned practice. In many cultures, cosleeping is the norm until children are weaned, and some continue long after weaning.

  1. You will never get your baby out of your bed

You can be pretty sure that your eighteen-year-old won’t be snuggling with you so the bed sharing period will definitely end one day. If you get tired of having your child in bed, it is like any other habit, possible to change. Just because you decide to co-sleep with your infant doesn’t mean you are forced to do so for any longer than you like. You may face opposition from your child when you want it to sleep alone, but it will not be the first or last time you deal with your child’s different opinion so I’m sure you can deal with it.