Month: May 2017

How I baby wean my children into eating everything

Hanna’s best baby weaning tips Think as little as possible about how much your children eat I focus as little as I can on how much my kids eat. I serve them a variety of healthy food and then trust them to eat what they want and as much or as little as they want. Sometimes they eat nothing, but I don’t mind, I know that they will eat when they are really hungry and sometimes eating is not a priority. I will offer them food later again and sooner or later they will eat. Avoid making eating an...

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Co-Sleeping with a baby – How its done

Me and my boyfriend have been co-sleeping with our children since they were born. Some of my friends think we are nuts and people overall tend to have very strong opinions about it. Read more about it here. Sleep-sharing has of course its downsides, but for us the positive aspects have been dominating. 1. First of all I know from myself that I have always been feeling better when I have shared a bed with someone I like, rather than when I have slept alone. I have felt it would be cruel to isolate my social little babies in own...

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